When you contact High Focus Centers to arrange for an assessment, here’s what you can expect from our streamlined admissions procedure:

1. Gathering Your Information

Our dedicated admissions team will ask for basic details such as your name, date of birth, contact information, insurance details, and a brief overview of your current symptoms and substance use. You can also have family members, doctors, social workers, employee assistance programs (EAPs), or therapists reach out to us on your behalf to set up your initial appointment.

2. Scheduling Your Assessment

We’ll determine the most suitable High Focus Centers location for you, based on our diverse program offerings. Your initial assessment, known as the Level of Care Assessment (LOCA), will be scheduled with one of our expert clinicians at the chosen location within 48 hours of your first call. This initial contact is for scheduling purposes and is not a clinical evaluation.

3. Conducting the Telehealth LOCA

You’ll log into our secure video conferencing system at the scheduled time using the login details provided by our admissions team. For the assessment, ensure you have a reliable internet connection, a front-facing camera, and an active email address to receive necessary links and consents. You can use a smartphone for this process. If you lack internet access, we’ll guide you on how to obtain it.

During the LOCA, a skilled clinician will collaborate with you to identify the appropriate level of care for your treatment goals. The assessment typically takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes. Our team will also confirm that your treatment services are covered by your insurance during this process.

Based on the assessment’s outcome, if you require outpatient, intensive outpatient, or partial hospitalization treatments, we aim to admit you within 24-48 hours, or possibly the same day, depending on availability. If you need a higher level of care than we provide, we’ll refer you to our trusted network of partners.

Regardless of whether you proceed with treatment at High Focus Centers following the assessment, our team remains a resource for questions, support, and guidance. Reach out to us by calling our admissions line to start your journey towards wellness.