Tailored Treatment for Substance Use and DUI Offenses

High Focus Centers in Pennsylvania proudly offers a comprehensive Addictions Awareness and DUI Program, specifically designed for adults experiencing the repercussions of excessive drug and alcohol use. Our program provides: 

  • Small group settings for an effective and personalized treatment experience

  • Specialized programs for individuals showing early signs of substance abuse but not yet requiring formal treatment

  • Preventive measures for those beginning to use substances and wanting to avoid disease progression

  • State-required treatment fulfillment for first-time DUI offenders

DUI Program Specifics

Our DUI Program is tailored to meet the needs of individuals who have been convicted of a DUI, often mandated by courts for alcohol education. Key components of our DUI Program include: 

  • Fulfillment of court-mandated treatment requirements

  • Drug and alcohol evaluations and testing services

  • Provision of completion letters for court and legal purposes

  • Voluntary enrollment options, potentially leading to reduced penalties

Drug and Alcohol Education

While many participants are fulfilling DUI treatment requirements, our programs are open to anyone seeking more information about drug and alcohol use. High Focus Centers offers a safe, non-judgmental environment for individuals to evaluate their substance use, including: 

  • Non-convicted individuals exploring their substance use levels

  • Professional guidance from our treatment specialists

  • A supportive setting for self-evaluation and learning

Enroll in Our Addictions Awareness and DUI Program

Interested in learning more about our Addictions Awareness and DUI Program in Pennsylvania? Ready to take the first step towards recovery? Contact High Focus Centers today. Our state-licensed facilities are equipped to help you navigate and overcome the challenges of substance use. 

Available at these locations:

  • Exton, PA

  • Havertown, PA

  • Lansdale, PA

  • Philadelphia, PA (Center City)

    Center City Philadelphia
  • Pottstown, PA