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Having Fun in Recovery

April 17, 2017|Recovery|

As a clinician who works primarily with clients between the ages of 18 and 26, I see boredom as a core relapse trigger. Since boredom is such a huge issue for young adults who are trying to stay sober, learning to have sober fun in recovery is imperative to the health and sustenance of a person's recovery. Many of the clients I work with think I'm crazy when I start to talk about having sober fun. Maybe they’ve become used to drugs and alcohol being their only form of excitement. Maybe all their friends are still in active addiction or [...]

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Reaching Rock Bottom: How Bad Does It Have to Get?

February 21, 2017|Addiction and Substance Abuse|

The phrase "rock bottom" is a term commonly thrown around to describe the lowest point of a person's life. It's been thrown around flippantly as a joke, and it's been used to describe the seriousness of addiction or one's mental state.  But what is this so called rock bottom? When do we hit it? What does it look like?  When does an addict hit rock bottom?  To be frank, defining rock bottom isn't necessarily done easily or simply. Rock bottom for someone battling addiction may look very different from someone reaching rock bottom because of anxiety. It might be the [...]