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Just a few years ago the world experienced one of the biggest shut-downs in modern times. As the coronavirus swept the globe, numerous businesses that revolved around any kind of in-person interactions closed their doors and moved solely into the online sphere. 

One such industry to make the switch was mental health and addiction counseling. Instead of visiting their counselor’s office, individuals would meet with their counselors online via phone calls or video chats. 

This provided benefits during the pandemic but had greater advantages than just continuing mental health treatment for pre-existing clients. It offered services to those who hadn’t previously been able to receive mental health treatment. For this reason, telehealth continues to be a viable mental health option for thousands of clients. 

What is telehealth? 

First and foremost, telehealth is exactly what it sounds like — mental health and addiction treatment done via phone or video. Psychiatrists are specifically trained in telehealth counseling because it is a different environment than standard in-person sessions. 

These therapists and psychiatrists are able to provide the same level of professional mental health treatment even without the benefits of in-person interactions, that is, body language and the intentionality of sitting in the same room with someone. 

But, despite that downside, they’ve learned to provide the same level of care to their clients whether they physically attend or call into the session. 

Why use telehealth? 

If businesses are offering mental health treatment in person, you may be wondering what the point is in continuing telehealth. While it’s important to receive mental health treatment in the way that benefits you best, you might have realized the advantages telehealth has offered to your life. 

If that’s the case, there’s no reason to switch to in-person counseling simply because it’s an option again. There are so many benefits to using telehealth that, if it’s working for you, you can rest assured and stay the course. 

What are the benefits of telehealth?

While telehealth’s biggest advantage during the covid-19 pandemic was allowing people to continue receiving mental health treatment, it continues to offer benefits to both present and future clients. 

It’s flexible to fit your schedule

Some mental health treatment centers are far — and when it comes to working with a counselor, you want to find someone who is compatible with you, not someone who is just a few minutes down the road. You might not have time in your schedule to afford the driving time, the time spent sitting in the waiting area and the actual appointment time during your busy week. 

With telehealth, the only time you need to offer is the time spent in conversation with your counselor. Plus, you can fit your meetings into your schedule as best suits you — maybe you have an hour while the kids sleep, a break between shifts or a chunk of time before class. 

Telehealth gives you the chance to set up meetings in the time you have. 

It doesn’t require a commute 

One of the biggest benefits of telehealth for those seeking counseling services during the pandemic was the ability to access it from anywhere. When most people were not leaving their homes, telehealth offered counseling services of all kinds — including couples counseling, help for anxiety and depression, grief and loss, etc. — to both former and new clients. 

This remains true today. Because of the ability to use technology securely, there’s no requirement for clients to show up to their counselor’s office. So, if you simply don’t have time to commute, don’t have the means to commute or have enjoyed the simplicity of a counseling session from your own couch, telehealth can still provide optimal mental health care for you. 

It offers exceptional levels of privacy 

The best online telehealth services are HIPAA-compliant, with a secure and encrypted software platform to provide you with the optimal amount of security while online. Additionally, you’ll experience even more privacy without the need to visit an office and spend time in a waiting room. 

With telehealth counseling, you can have a conversation with your counselor wherever is most comfortable, including your apartment, your office or even your car. Plus, with the ability to fit a telehealth session into your schedule, you won’t have to request permission to take leave during the middle of the work day you can simply have your meeting right during your lunch hour. 

Looking to start today?

If you or someone you know is looking to start their journey to mental health today, consider The Light Program for your telehealth needs. You can contact us anytime by calling 610-644-6464 or on our website today to learn more. 

We also offer a variety of telehealth options through Pyramid Online Counseling, an affiliated Pyramid Healthcare provider.


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