Rehab After Work and The Light Program Rebrand to Become High Focus Centers

December 1, 2023|News|

EASTERN PENNSYLVANIA-BASED TREATMENT PROVIDERS REHAB AFTER WORK AND THE LIGHT PROGRAM REBRAND TO BECOME HIGH FOCUS CENTERS Merge creates a single brand for Pyramid Healthcare, Inc.’s specialized outpatient behavioral health treatment services ALTOONA, PA - December 1, 2023 – Pyramid Healthcare, Inc. announces a rebrand for Rehab After Work and The Light Program, its two comprehensive outpatient behavioral healthcare subsidiaries in eastern Pennsylvania. These two providers will unify under Pyramid Healthcare’s High Focus Centers brand, which provides treatment throughout New Jersey, Connecticut, Georgia and North Carolina. The Light Program’s ten mental health treatment locations and Rehab After Work’s eight [...]

The Light Program Announces Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) at Radnor, PA Outpatient Program

October 3, 2022|News|

RADNOR, PA – October 3, 2022 – The Light Program announced the offering of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) at the outpatient mental health treatment program located in Radnor, Pennsylvania today. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a targeted and non-invasive form of electromagnetic brain stimulation. TMS is a safe, FDA-cleared outpatient treatment for depression. A drug-free alternative to antidepressant medication, TMS is available to adult patients who are not responding to their medication or cannot tolerate the side effects of their medication. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) passes alternating currents through a metal coil placed against the patient’s scalp to create rapidly [...]

Predictions About the Future of Teletherapy

April 29, 2022|News|

The global pandemic ushered in dozens of new practices that are now commonplace: masks, social distancing, increased sanitization, videoconferencing events and so much more. If you’re like countless other Americans, it’s likely you’ve switched another activity to the virtual realm: therapy. While there are surely perks to in-office mental health sessions, many people found that teletherapy was more comfortable and convenient. If you’ve come to prefer teletherapy and are worried it might fade out of fashion as the world opens back up, here’s what you need to know: teletherapy is here to stay. Here’s why. Teletherapy is effective According to [...]

Choosing the Right Treatment Center for You

March 23, 2022|News|

Entering into addiction treatment is nerve-wracking in and of itself, so taking the time ahead of enrollment to research and choose the rehab program right for you is crucial. When choosing an addiction treatment program, you’re likely to have many boxes you want to check, such as distance from home, whether you can attend treatment and keep your job or whether or not insurance will help cover the costs.  In addition to your own priorities, here are some suggestions we recommend you keep in mind during your search.  Focus on holistic care  For many individuals, their struggle with addiction gave [...]

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MAT Offers Freedom From Substance Addiction

April 26, 2021|News|

Drugs and alcohol are classified as dangerous substances for many reasons, one of the most notable being the way they hijack and rewire the brain.  Chemical substances - such as marijuana, opioids and alcohol especially - take over the reward center of the brain and fire neurotransmitters at much higher rates than what the body would do on its own. Known colloquially as a “high,” the brain literally stops producing these neurons naturally because the substances do the hard work synthetically. Not only that, but the highly addictive properties of many substances trigger the reward center of the brain, creating [...]

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Substance Use Teletherapy: New Platform, Same Care

February 22, 2021|Addiction and Substance Abuse, News|

You’ve heard it countless times, but allow us to say it once more: the pandemic threw a lot of traditional ways of life out the window. Many individuals around the world are still trying to figure out what normal looks like for them, while still maintaining daily routines. And in the meantime, we’re still trying to respect social distancing procedures, quarantines and lockdowns. It’s been a tough balancing act, to say the least. Given how many individuals are currently seeking help in managing mental health concerns, teletherapy has seen a natural rise in popularity and use. With limited available [...]