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Mental Health and the Veteran Community

September 5, 2023|Trauma, Veterans|

Military veterans have experienced traumas that many of us couldn’t even imagine. They’ve undergone traumatic events, lived in extreme weather and socio-political conditions and were often faced with disturbing realities on a regular basis. These intense experiences have the potential to cause significant damage to the mental, emotional and physical well-being of a person, which can then negatively impact their daily lives.  Trauma affects people in different ways, but one of the most consistent manifestations of military combat trauma is the development of various mental health issues.  In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the [...]

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Why Veteran Mental Health is Important

August 23, 2023|Mental Health, Veterans|

Because of the stressors, challenges and situations people in the military face, it’s not uncommon for service members to leave the military with mental health disorders or to develop them after transitioning to civilian life. Seeking treatment is often the best course of action to promote mental health and a peaceful life as a civilian. Common mental health concerns for veterans Veterans are at higher risk for developing mental health disorders because of their time in the military. Veterans who were stationed in combat zones, sustained physical injury or a traumatic brain injury have the highest risk of developing a [...]