Young Adults

Managing the Stress of Graduating

June 3, 2022|Education Center, Young Adults|

You just graduated! Congratulations.  Maybe you’ve been celebrating everything you’ve accomplished in the last four years. Or maybe you’ve been too overwhelmed and stressed about what life is going to be like post-graduation that you haven’t given yourself time to truly recognize just how far you’ve come. In this article, we’re going to share some tips to help you stay grounded and positive after you’ve graduated from both high school and college. Acknowledge the stress, but don’t dwell on it We’re not here to tell you to “just relax” or “look on the bright side,” because your stress is valid.  [...]

Identifying Seasonal Depression in Your Child

April 15, 2022|Mental Disorders, Young Adults|

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or seasonal depression as it’s most commonly known, doesn’t only affect adults, it can also affect children and teens. As the days get colder and gloomier, you might notice your child becoming colder and gloomier as well.  If that happens, chances are it’s not a coincidence; they are most likely struggling with seasonal depression, even if they don’t recognize it themselves. Children often don’t vocalize what they’re going through, not because they can’t, but more often than not they aren’t exactly sure what they’re going through. They might assume it’s normal and not worth mentioning. That’s [...]

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Coping with the Transition to College

July 8, 2020|Young Adults|

Graduating high school and entering college is considered an exciting milestone in your life, but it also comes with a lot of stress as it is undeniably a huge transition. The first year of college is difficult for many young adults which means it's important to your mental health to craft coping mechanisms that ease you into the transition and minimize as much stress as possible. Easing yourself out of high school and into college There are a number of ways you can help yourself handle the newness of college life and transition into living on campus. 1. Let go [...]

  • A female college student slumps over a pile of books

Common Mental Health Disorders in College Students

June 3, 2020|Young Adults|

Beginning college is a major milestone in life. The experience can be met with excitement, fear, nervousness, joy and bittersweet feelings. College can take you out of your comfort zone, and whether you're at university, doing online school, starting a trade program or commuting from home, new challenges and opportunities await. College is fraught with exciting experiences, but each new experience can also invite stress. Change is hard, and learning to adapt to numerous changes at once can lead to mental health concerns. Tackling your coursework, navigating social interactions and growing in confidence are all bound to be a learning [...]

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College Students and Mental Health Maintenance

May 20, 2020|Young Adults|

College life is stressful for many, but it’s even harder when you are living with a mental health condition. If you struggle with anxiety, depression, PTSD or another disorder, attending a university can worsen your symptoms. Does this mean you should avoid college altogether? Absolutely not! What it does mean is you might have to be more intentional with how and where you spend your time, who you make friends with and what resources you tap into to help manage any mental health condition while still fully entering into the college experience. Resources to benefit your mental health in college With an [...]