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How to Talk to Your Child About Seeking Mental Health Treatment

January 10, 2024|Mental Health, Teen Mental Health, Teens & Children|

Guiding parents through a sensitive and crucial dialogue   In today's world, concern over mental health is widespread, especially in the youngest and most vulnerable members of our society. It's vital for parents to know how to approach their children about seeking mental health treatment. While mental health can be a delicate topic, keeping an open dialogue between parents and children is essential for a supportive family environment that promotes mental well-being. Here's a guide to help you navigate this critical discussion.  Understanding the Importance of Mental Health   Firstly, parents must recognize and acknowledge the importance of mental health. Just [...]

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Mental Health and the Veteran Community

September 5, 2023|Trauma, Veterans|

Military veterans have experienced traumas that many of us couldn’t even imagine. They’ve undergone traumatic events, lived in extreme weather and socio-political conditions and were often faced with disturbing realities on a regular basis. These intense experiences have the potential to cause significant damage to the mental, emotional and physical well-being of a person, which can then negatively impact their daily lives.  Trauma affects people in different ways, but one of the most consistent manifestations of military combat trauma is the development of various mental health issues.  In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the [...]

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Why Veteran Mental Health is Important

August 23, 2023|Mental Health, Veterans|

Because of the stressors, challenges and situations people in the military face, it’s not uncommon for service members to leave the military with mental health disorders or to develop them after transitioning to civilian life. Seeking treatment is often the best course of action to promote mental health and a peaceful life as a civilian. Common mental health concerns for veterans Veterans are at higher risk for developing mental health disorders because of their time in the military. Veterans who were stationed in combat zones, sustained physical injury or a traumatic brain injury have the highest risk of developing a [...]

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How Trauma Works as a Trigger for Mental Health and Substance Issues

July 19, 2023|Addiction and Substance Abuse, Trauma|

When someone is struggling with a mental health condition, they often have a relatively fragile emotional or mental state (sometimes both) that can be easily triggered. When someone is struggling with a substance use disorder, the dependence on drugs or alcohol can also make them vulnerable to being influenced into using.  Trauma can act as a trigger for both mental health and substance issues. The severity and generally long-lasting effects of trauma can leave a person reeling, no matter how hard they may try to shove down the feelings of pain. For men, especially, the tendency to avoid facing and [...]

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Teen Mental Health Vs Adult Mental Health: An Overview

May 31, 2023|Mental Health|

We’ve made a lot of progress in Western culture when it comes to recognizing and normalizing mental health conditions and their various treatments, but there’s always more that can be done. One harmful mentality that continues to be passed down through generations is the belief that psychological challenges are reserved for adults only; that teens are “too young” to be anxious, depressed or have “no reason” to have developed a mental health disorder. There are multiple differences between teen mental health issues and adult mental health issues, but the truth that sits at the center of each of these is [...]

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Adult and Adolescent Mental Health Statistics

May 16, 2023|Mental Health|

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a time to raise awareness and promote education about mental health concerns. Mental health is an essential part of overall well-being and affects people of all ages. Here are some statistics about mental health in both adults and adolescents: Mental Health Statistics for Adults: According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), approximately 1-in-5 adults in the United States (or 51.5 million) experience mental illness each year Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide and affects more than 264 million people worldwide Suicide rates in the United States have been steadily [...]

How Sexual Assault Affects the Mind and the Body

May 1, 2023|Sexual Assault, Trauma|

Sexual assault refers to sexual contact, coercion, behavior or forced conduct that occurs without the explicit consent of the other individual. It is a grave violation of human rights and a person’s dignity, as well as a severe criminal offense. Regardless of how extreme the assault was, it usually causes severe mental and emotional harm to the person it was inflicted upon, even if that isn’t initially realized. The immediate physical trauma of sexual assault can be so intense that many people don’t realize the toll it’s taken on their mental and emotional health until weeks or months later. [...]

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What are Emotional Bids for Attention?

March 13, 2023|Mental Health|

Every culture has their own unique beliefs and traditions around why social connection is important, as well as their own preferences around how to foster that connection. The constant truth in every culture regardless is that human connection is essential for thriving. When it comes to maintaining and deepening the connection with your partner, the attempts you make towards your partner in the pursuit of that connection are called emotional bids.  These bids often go unnoticed, and while no one can be expected to perfectly recognize and fulfill every bid, constantly missing, neglecting or outright rejecting your partner’s bids can [...]

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These Mental Health New Year’s Resolutions will Change Your Life

January 12, 2023|Mental Health|

The New Year is an exciting time full of fresh starts, new beginnings, infinite opportunities and a clean slate upon which to write all of our goals, plans and secret dreams. As empowering as a new year can feel, though, it can also bring an overwhelming sense when you realize just how blank that clean slate is. Knowing where to begin with goal setting can be difficult, especially when it comes to setting and working on more intimate goals, like mental health resolutions.  While it might be tempting to just sweep the habit of goal setting under the rug, it’s [...]

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Boosting Your Mental Health Through Gratitude and Kindness

November 15, 2022|Mental Health|

Kindness and gratitude are concepts we grow up hearing about — as children, we’re instructed to treat people with kindness and to show gratitude by saying, “Thank you.”  As adults, however, we often forget to practice kindness and gratitude; while we might say, “Thanks,” how often are we sincere about it? How often do we intentionally incorporate acts and words of kindness into our days?  Upon examination, it’s probably not as often as we’d like. But, practicing acts of kindness and gratitude is important, not just because it’s something we learned as a kid, but because it has significant positive [...]

How Bullying Can Cause Co-Occurring Disorders in Adolescents

October 26, 2022|Mental Disorders, Mental Health, Teens & Children|

The teenage years are some of the most intense developmental years of the brain. This period is when the majority of mental illnesses develop, as well as when the brain is most vulnerable to undergoing significant damage from substance use. It’s not uncommon for teens to suffer from mental conditions such as depression or anxiety and then turn to substances in an attempt to cope with the symptoms of their poor mental health. This is what’s called a co-occurring disorder. Co-occurring disorders in adolescents — also known as comorbidity or dual diagnosis — are when drug abuse and mental disorders [...]

Domestic Violence: Effects on Mental Health and Overall Wellbeing

October 12, 2022|Mental Health, Relationships, Teens & Children|

People have differing perspectives and levels of awareness on the effects of domestic violence on family. Some may feel that abuse in the home is a rare incident, normally depicted in the media as shouting matches and throwing things around the house. Others may have first hand experience of witnessing or being the victim of domestic violence themselves. Regardless of where you come from and your knowledge or personal interaction with domestic violence, there are some important facts to consider. If you’re a parent, a survivor of domestic violence, a mental health care worker, a school administrator, coach or family [...]