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Should I Consider Interventional Psychiatry?

September 8, 2022|Mental Disorders, Mental Health, Treatment and Therapy|

In the fields of clinical mental health and psychology, treatments and techniques are constantly being evaluated and reevaluated for the sake of the patients. When dealing with mental health conditions that can be as unique and complex as the patient, it can be challenging to find a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to treatment.  Obviously, no such treatment formula exists; and even tried and true methods of psychiatry have seen resistance from certain mental health disorders. For this reason, alternative methods of care are constantly being explored in order to provide better care to all.  Complications of traditional treatments  Traditionally, the way [...]

Does My Teen Have a Mental Health Disorder?

August 31, 2022|Mental Disorders, Mental Health, Teens & Children|

If you’re the parent of a teenager, you’ve probably wondered whether your teen is displaying signs of a mental health disorder or whether the behaviors you’ve noticed are just typical of that age.  The teenage years are fraught with growing personalities, friendship drama, dating troubles, hormonal changes and severe shifts in mood. It’s no surprise that your child’s emotional health has fluctuated with all the stress and changes that happen during this period of life. As a parent, you’re looking for clear information to help your child, and this article can guide you through this sensitive process. Here, we’ll look [...]

Taking Care of Your Addicted Child: How to Manage Burnout

August 17, 2022|Mental Health, Teens & Children|

Parenting, while rewarding, is an exhausting task. Suppressing your emotional burnout is unhealthy for you and your entire family. The hard work you do is valuable and has its place, but it can also lead to extreme stress. Parenting in itself is hard—parenting a teen who is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction is even harder. If you have an adolescent who is affected by a substance use disorder, here’s what you can do as a parent to make sure you get what you need. How to prevent burnout as a caregiver Preventing burnout as a caregiver starts with [...]

Mental Health Disparities in Minority Communities

August 11, 2022|Education Center, Mental Health|

Mental health care is a frequently under-addressed (even dismissed) matter in minority communities, especially those of Hispanic, African and Asian roots. On average, individuals within minority communities struggle with mental health conditions at the same rate as their counterparts, and yet, multiple disparities cause these individuals to face longer-lasting and sometimes even more severe consequences. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the disparities in mental health conditions between those who are in minority communities and those who are not. Understanding factors in disparities A mental health disparity refers to the imbalanced or unequal treatments of a [...]

How Racism Affects Minority Mental Health

August 2, 2022|Mental Health|

Racism — discrimination directed against someone based on their belonging to a particular racial or ethnic group, especially one that is marginalized — is responsible for adverse effects on the mental health of countless individuals within minority communities.  Experiencing racism, whether through face-to-face interactions, online comments, direct remarks or offensive media can have a heavy mental and emotional toll. While racism can lead to a wide variety of mental health issues, this factor can be overlooked by those who haven’t experienced it in the same way that those in a minority demographic do. In this article, we’re going to take [...]

Talking About the Sad Reality of School Shootings with Your Kids

July 7, 2022|Mental Health, Teens & Children|

The violence in our world is appalling. It surely leaves adults dumbfounded, so it’s no surprise that kids also struggle to hear and understand the tragic news of ever-increasing school shootings. If you are a parent or caregiver tasked with the role of discussing tragedy with children, let this be a useful guide to opening the conversation, establishing trust and ensuring safety for your loved ones. Read up on tips for discussing tragedy Before you even begin to address traumatic events with your children, it will be helpful to educate yourself on the topic. These events tend to become sensationalized, [...]

How to Support Your LGBTQ+ Teen

June 23, 2022|Mental Health, Teens & Children|

While raising a teenager can be quite challenging, being a teenager is even more challenging. As adolescents transition from childhood to adulthood, they are navigating emotional, social and physical changes while figuring out exactly who they are and where they belong. In some cases, this journey of self-discovery during the teen years may involve figuring out their sexuality, gender identity or both. Unfortunately, members of the LGBTQ+ community often face harassment, discrimination, abuse, bullying and rejection from their families, friends and peers. LGBTQ+ teenagers are especially vulnerable to developing mental health issues as a result, including depression, post-traumatic stress disorder [...]

Helping Your Teen Overcome Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

June 14, 2022|Mental Disorders, Mental Health, Teens & Children|

Mood swings and other symptoms are often dismissed as typical behavior for teenagers, so it’s easy to miss signs of underlying mental health disorders in this group. In addition, teens may not want to share about the experiences that can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Like adult PTSD, PTSD in teens is characterized by extreme fear and adverse reactions triggered by a traumatic event. In this article, we’ll explain the clinical diagnosis, symptoms of PTSD in teens and what kind of treatment to look for. Defining PTSD While it’s normal for people of all ages to experience adverse reactions [...]

The Connection Between Self-Harm and Addiction

May 9, 2022|Mental Health|

No one is immune from pain in this world, leaving many of us to develop a variety of coping mechanisms, some of them healthy, while others are more than harmful. Unfortunately, often our tendency as humans is to gravitate towards the more harmful coping mechanisms. While the healthier habits may be slightly more challenging and uncomfortable, yet better for us in the long run. The nature of those harmful habits seem easier, and much more pleasure-inducing; damaging effects that could prove to be fatal coming from these harmful habits the longer they go on. One of the most common harmful [...]

Handling Your Own Worst Critic: How to Deal with Self-Doubt

March 23, 2022|Mental Health|

Have you ever wondered “what is self doubt and how do I get past it?” You’re not alone. The vast majority of people struggle with insecurities at some point in their lives. In fact, countless people struggle with this lack of confidence currently. If you’re in the ranks of those who are looking for how to get rid of self-doubt, you’re in the right place. Like any thought pattern, a negative self-perspective can be changed with the right tools and guidance. In this article, we’ll give you the tips and tricks you can practice to amend those damaging thoughts and [...]

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What is Separation Anxiety in Adults?

January 18, 2022|Education Center, Mental Health|

When we talk about separation anxiety, most people assume you’re talking about a condition children experience. Some dismiss separation anxiety as a phase or a demonstration of a child’s healthy or unhealthy attachment to parents. Separation anxiety is neither of these. Moreover, separation anxiety affects people of all ages — children as well as parents and other adults. Unfortunately, there is a strong stigma around adults who struggle with this condition. Understanding separation anxiety in adults can help shift that societal mindset. If you’ve wondered about separation anxiety disorders in adults, your questions are about to be answered. In this [...]

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Living Life to the Fullest, Regardless of Depression

January 10, 2022|Mental Health|

A depression diagnosis is a difficult reality, but not a hopeless one. Thousands of Americans have learned how to handle depression and continue to not only live, but flourish regardless of their diagnosis.  With motivation, healthy habits and the guidance of a mental health professional, you can learn how to not only live with depression, but thrive in everything you do.  1. Be open about living with depression  It is not uncommon for depression to keep you in a state of feeling fatigued, unmotivated and unfocused. Unfortunately, this can constantly get in the way of daily things you need to [...]