Domestic Violence: Effects on Mental Health and Overall Wellbeing

October 12, 2022|Mental Health, Relationships, Teens & Children|

People have differing perspectives and levels of awareness on the effects of domestic violence on family. Some may feel that abuse in the home is a rare incident, normally depicted in the media as shouting matches and throwing things around the house. Others may have first hand experience of witnessing or being the victim of domestic violence themselves. Regardless of where you come from and your knowledge or personal interaction with domestic violence, there are some important facts to consider. If you’re a parent, a survivor of domestic violence, a mental health care worker, a school administrator, coach or family [...]

7 Ways Therapy Can Strengthen Your Relationship

March 31, 2022|Relationships|

Therapy is a powerful tool that can help heal, strengthen and even aid in recovering all types of relationships, including the one you have with your partner. While there is a specific type of counseling for couples, also known as couples therapy, or marital therapy, there are many occasions where only one person is actively going to therapy. Individual therapy can have multiple positive effects on a relationship just as couples therapy can, including some that might surprise you. Top benefits of therapy Maybe you’ve been in therapy for a while and you want a direct insight into how it’s [...]

  • Family At Home Preparing Meal In Kitchen Together

Hope Starts at Home: The Importance of the Family Unit for Mental Health

November 2, 2021|Relationships|

A family is only as happy, healthy and secure as their individual members. When one family member experiences mental health issues, substance use disorder or other challenges, its effects can reverberate throughout the entire family. In the face of these challenges, it is important for a family to be a united front and work together to heal and move forward. Why is family so important for mental health? Humans are social animals who thrive in community settings. From birth, we are nurtured and supported by our families; they teach us how to tie our shoes, show us right from wrong, [...]

  • Tips for maintaining healthy relationships

What are Interpersonal Relationships and How Can I Improve Them?

January 19, 2021|Relationships|

At some point, we have all asked ourselves this question: is my relationship healthy? In relationships, we crave the security of knowing that our actions are positive and beneficial. Relationships are so complex and unique, there isn’t a “one size fits all” quiz that will determine if your relationship is flourishing or withering. Although there isn’t a single answer for how to have a perfect relationship, there are some key traits that exist in every healthy interaction. Remember that there is no such thing as a relationship that doesn’t face challenges at some point, but there is always room [...]

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Cognitive Biases and Their Impact on Relationships

January 8, 2020|Relationships|

There are various ways our minds operate in order to make sense of the world. Based on our experiences, we all have what are called cognitive biases, or methods of belief/thought that don't entirely line up with reality. What are cognitive biases? Cognitive biases are the result of our brains trying to remember things, make sense of information and make decisions quickly. We all fall into cognitive biases because of the way we process information, but not being aware of when this is occurring can leave us seeing the world through a subjective lens. When we view things based on [...]

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How Can I Cope With Rejection From Online Dating?

January 23, 2019|Relationships|

Online dating, while definitely a realm of its own, can be just as emotionally challenging as traditional dating. Additionally, it has the unique possibility of increasing the chance of rejection. Whereas you might be rejected occasionally in the traditional sphere of dating, so many possible matches online mean so many more opportunities to be rejected. This doesn't necessarily mean you should avoid online dating. It just means that proceeding with an emphasis on self-awareness and knowing your own limits is key. Why is self-awareness important? So many people date online. The sheer number of dating apps/sites and the number of [...]

  • Woman turning towards her partner's emotional bid

How Emotional Bids Impact Your Relationship

November 7, 2018|Relationships|

Reviewed by Jodi Jaspan, MS, LPC You may have heard about the concept of an emotional bid for connection. An emotional bid could be a variety of verbal or nonverbal behaviors one partner uses to gain the attention of the other. The other partner can respond by either acknowledging the bid (turning towards it), or ignoring it (turning away). Did you know that one predictor of a healthy, long-term relationship is turning toward, rather than away from, your partner? What Are Bids? What exactly are bids? They're pretty easy to detect and respond to. A bid could be making a [...]

  • couple not talking to each other on bench

How to Heal From a Breakup

August 15, 2018|Relationships|

No matter your age, breakups are a universally painful experience. Feelings like sadness, loneliness, fear and anger, all leave the potential for a breakup to be an incredibly emotionally charged experience. After a breakup, people are often left reflecting on “the good times” and how much they love and miss their former partner. They may experience the fear they’ll never meet someone they feel that way about again. At times, a breakup can feel very hopeless. Dealing with a breakup – the healthy way If a person is unable to deal with the complicated range of feelings from a breakup [...]

  • couple facing opposite directions

Should We Attend Couples Counseling?

March 22, 2018|Relationships|

Couples counseling is often painted as the last resort before a divorce. There is a lot of stigma and taboo surrounding marriage and couples counseling, making those who need help feeling like a failure to some degree. However, couples counseling is not just for those struggling in a relationship — it is an opportunity for any couple to bring new life, fresh communication and renewed dedication into their relationship.  The stigma behind marriage and couples counseling Some individuals who are struggling with their relationship might hesitate to suggest it to a significant other, fearing that therapy suggests failure and that [...]

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The Signs and Types of Domestic Violence

March 16, 2018|Relationships|

One of the first steps in increasing domestic violence awareness is by learning to identify and understand it. This includes being able to identify the different types of domestic violence and the cycle which is often present in a domestically abusive relationship. What is domestic violence? According to the United States Department of Justice, "domestic violence (DV) is a pattern of abusive behavior in any relationship that is used by one partner to gain or maintain power and control over another intimate partner." An abuser may use a number of tactics to manipulate and gain control over their victim, including [...]

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Fostering Healthy Communication Skills in Your Relationship

December 18, 2017|Relationships|

When you hear the word "communication," you might immediately think of conversation. And while conversation is part of communication, it's not the whole of it. Have you ever had a conversation with someone and felt like you weren't heard at all, or it felt like nothing was said? Have you ever felt like it was a waste of energy or time because nothing was, actually, communicated? We all know the key to healthy relationships is communication, but the first step is learning what good communication is (and isn't) and how to foster and grow it in your relationship itself. What [...]

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Becoming a New Parent

November 20, 2017|Relationships|

Congratulations, you are a new parent! Having a child is a change physically, emotionally, and mentally, and you may have noticed some unexpected changes. Maybe you and your partner are fighting more; maybe you feel different emotionally; maybe you've become more withdrawn. These changes are normal, and there is no shame in asking for help to get you back to being the person you want to be. Open Up About How You’re Feeling Many people hesitate to share that they are fighting more with their partner, or experiencing sadness when they have a new baby. They fear being labeled as [...]