Employment and Addiction

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Which Substance Use Career Option is Right for Me?

March 11, 2021|Employment and Addiction|

Working in the substance abuse recovery field can be an immensely rewarding career path. By providing individuals with solutions, counseling and intensive treatment, you not only make a difference in someone’s life, but you might be a key factor in saving it. It is truly rewarding to know that the hard work you put towards entering a substance abuse career can have a dramatically positive impact on many people’s lives.  Choosing a career can be a daunting task, especially when one area of expertise (substance use) offers a number of career possibilities. Depending on your particular interests and motivations, however, [...]

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How to Find a Job After Rehab

April 18, 2019|Employment and Addiction|

Recovering from a substance use disorder is no easy feat, and there are many challenges along the way. One of the most common obstacles in pursuing recovery is employment. If you're struggling to find a job after rehab, you're in the right place. In this article, we'll give you the best tips and tricks to secure and maintain employment after rehab. Obstacles to employment Completing addiction treatment is a huge accomplishment, but once you've made it through withdrawal and early recovery, returning back to society has its own set of challenges. For one, many people find that returning to an [...]

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How to Get Treatment for a Substance Use Disorder Without Losing Your Job

April 4, 2019|Employment and Addiction|

While professional treatment is your best bet for overcoming a substance use disorder, that doesn't mean it's without barriers. If concerns about maintaining employment are holding you back from starting the services you need, you're in the right place. In this article, we'll calm your fears so you can take a break from work and get your life back. Weighing the costs of treatment Many people who struggle with an addiction to drugs or alcohol avoid seeking treatment due to the fear of job loss, and for good reason. Most employers are not keen to let their workers to be [...]

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The Ins and Outs of a Return to Work Agreement After Substance Use Treatment & Rehab

March 21, 2019|Employment and Addiction|

An addiction has ripple effects on many people, not just the person using substances. As far as employers are concerned, a substance use habit can decrease productivity, strain workplace relationships and give a company a bad reputation. It can also bring up health concerns and liability issues if an individual is under the influence of drugs or alcohol on the job. Employers tend to be concerned if someone in their company is struggling with substance use, and for good reason. Employers should encourage workers to seek treatment, and when they do so may initiate a Return to Work Agreement (RWA). [...]

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How Will I Pay My Bills While in Rehab? Do You Get Paid in Rehab?

November 29, 2018|Employment and Addiction|

When you enroll in an addiction treatment center, everything in your life comes to a sort of standstill. All your energies and time is spent meeting the requirements of the treatment center. And while it is good and important to have the ability to focus so intentionally on getting better and overcoming addiction, it can be stressful when you still have to cover the costs of rent and other outstanding bills. But other people manage, don't they? How do they do it? How can you enroll in addiction treatment and also stay on top of paying bills while in rehab? [...]

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Should I Tell My Employer About Rehab?

November 1, 2018|Employment and Addiction|

If you’re struggling with a drug or alcohol use disorder, one of your biggest concerns is likely keeping it a secret from your employer. Many people avoid seeking treatment because they fear they will lose their job. Luckily, there are federal laws that protect you from being fired for a drug or alcohol use disorder. The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) also guarantees you unpaid time off to get treatment (if you and your employer meet certain eligibility requirements). If you do decide to get treatment, you may wonder how to tell your boss, or if you even need [...]

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Will My Privacy Be Protected in Rehab?

October 25, 2018|Employment and Addiction|

When you’re considering rehab for a drug or alcohol addiction, privacy is a major concern. You may worry your boss will find out you’re receiving treatment and fire you, or a prospective employer will ask about past drug abuse during an interview. Fortunately, there are laws that protect your rehab privacy when you choose to seek help for a substance use disorder. Learn your rights under some important federal laws and regulations. HIPAA protects your medical records The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of your medical records. Under this law, [...]

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Can I Be Fired for Going to Rehab?

May 22, 2017|Employment and Addiction|

Entering treatment for drug or alcohol use is a big step, and it can be a stressful one when you have a job. Starting services for substance abuse can lead someone to wonder "can I be fired for going to rehab?" Committing to treatment is a tough decision, but if you don't get help, substance use will jeopardize your job stability anyway. The good news is that there are legal protections for someone who is working towards recovery. Let's take a look at how the law can protect you from being fired for going to rehab. Family and Medical [...]

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Work and Addiction: Admitting You Need Help

December 30, 2016|Employment and Addiction|

Who Is Affected By Addiction? Addiction is indiscriminate. It doesn’t just affect those who are already down on their luck. Many people who struggle with a substance use disorder are employed. (1) Today, work and addiction affect many people. But because addiction is often perceived negatively, such people may find it difficult to initiate their recovery in rehab. They may fear that letting their employer know they have an addiction could cause them to lose their job or negatively affect their future within the company. There are several factors to consider when it comes to seeking time off to [...]