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Understanding Long-Term Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Pennsylvania

February 16, 2024|Treatment|

Long-term treatment can play an important role in recovery from drug and alcohol dependency, especially for those with deep-rooted addiction issues. At High Focus Centers in Pennsylvania, we’re dedicated to guiding individuals through their recovery journey with comprehensive and compassionate care. The following blog explores what exactly is considered long-term drug and alcohol treatment, and why it’s so vital for sustainable recovery.  Defining Long-Term Treatment  Long-term drug and alcohol treatment refers to extended care programs designed to support individuals with severe or chronic substance use disorders. Unlike short-term programs that last for 30 days or less, long-term treatment typically [...]

Can I Help My Loved One Find Treatment?

May 11, 2022|Addiction and Substance Abuse, Supporting a Loved One, Treatment|

For anyone combating a mental illness or substance use addiction, it can be challenging for their friends and family to sit by and watch. As a loved one, you’re likely to feel a strong desire to help them help themselves—but how can you do this in a way that isn’t forceful, yet still encouraging?  No matter who you are, change is something that must come from within in order for that change to last. For this reason, anyone with a mental health illness or addiction must first have the desire to change their lifestyle.  Does that mean you, as the [...]

The Benefits of Sticking with Services Through Outpatient Treatment

October 12, 2021|Treatment|

Sobriety can be elusive. Cravings, relapse and personal challenges can all be major roadblocks in the journey to break free from drugs or alcohol. The good news is, there is hope for long-term recovery when you commit to outpatient treatment. What does outpatient treatment look like? In the realm of recovery there are many different terms thrown around to describe different types of programs and services that compromise treatment. Outpatient is one of these terms, and while the exact definition may differ for each facility, outpatient generally means that individuals come and go between sessions.  Participants reside at home, [...]

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Healing Your Body from Head to Toe: All the Ways Rehab Will Make You Feel Better

August 20, 2021|Treatment|

No one knows better than you that drug use comes with some pretty serious consequences. Drowsiness, shaking, sweating, irritability, cravings, seizures, loss of appetite - the list goes on. When you develop a tolerance to a drug and progressively need more and more of the substance, the toxins that are pouring into your body can take a drastic toll. Often, the physical symptoms are painful enough to convince someone to get clean. In order to break an addiction a person will have to undergo detox, and while the withdrawal process is typically uncomfortable, there are some major physical health benefits [...]

What Your Teen Needs to Know Before Starting Substance Abuse Treatment

August 2, 2021|Teens and Young Adults, Treatment|

We’ve all seen the classic movie cliche of a mom cleaning out her son’s bedroom and finding drugs, or the daughter caught sneaking in late, smelling like alcohol and creeping up the stairs. These dramatic moments on screen always seem to leave out the harsh reality of teen substance use, and the heavy emotional toll it can impose on the teen and on the family. Many parents dread learning that their child has started drinking or using drugs and wonder what to do when the situation arises. This article is designed to be a tool for the parent or family [...]

Why a Partial Hospitalization Program Could Be Right for You

July 23, 2021|Treatment|

If you’ve completed detox and are eager to return home, but still need support in your recovery, a partial hospitalization program might be what you’re looking for. What is a partial hospitalization program? A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is a day treatment program for substance addiction recovery to help individuals transition from detox back to their daily lives. PHPs typically run weekdays during normal work hours and participants return home at night, allowing time for that critical family support and a smoother adjustment to regular life. PHPs are a less intensive alternative to an inpatient treatment program but still offer [...]

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What Causes Alcohol Addiction?

June 25, 2021|Addiction and Substance Abuse, Treatment|

Alcohol addiction, or alcohol use disorder, is characterized as a chronic condition marked by an individual’s inability to stop drinking alcohol despite the potential or realized physical, social, occupational, mental or emotional consequences. Alcohol addiction is both a physical and mental dependency. Why is alcohol addictive? There are certain risk factors that make some more susceptible to more severe alcohol addiction, including family history, drinking at an early age, mental health conditions and a history of trauma. Its chemical makeup, however, is what causes alcohol addiction. Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant that, over time, can mold how our [...]

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7 Unexpected Benefits to Teletherapy

April 1, 2021|Treatment|

Teletherapy is counseling’s newest method of reaching people all over the country, providing professional counseling services when and where clients need it most. Teletherapy has become an increasingly popular choice during this time of lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, as it allows clients to reach out to, and meet with, counselors without even leaving the home. Not only is teletherapy beneficial for the support it offers clients on their journey towards freedom from substance use; it also provides them the ability to schedule appointments when it’s most convenient for them, away from the inquiring eyes of others. With increased privacy, [...]

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4 Tips to Help You Prepare for Your First Teletherapy Session

March 25, 2021|Treatment|

The onset of the pandemic has brought about increased isolation and stress, driving many individuals to the realization that now is the time to start therapy. Due to safety precautions, however, opportunities for in-person mental health treatment are limited. That brings us to online counseling - a viable therapy option that can help patients address life’s challenges as they arise. Teletherapy is just like therapy, except it occurs virtually. Like all changes, we might feel some trepidation as we participate in teletherapy for the first time. Don’t let fear keep you from accessing the help you deserve. Use these four [...]

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Answering Your 10 Most Common Questions on Teletherapy

March 18, 2021|Treatment|

It seems like every aspect of our routines has been up-ended over the course of the last year. A simple trip to the grocery store looks like something out of a sci-fi novel with people in masks and arrows designating a path through the aisles. It’s easy to become overstimulated by all the changes and challenges of constant adjustment to daily living. In order to prioritize safety, many common treatment methods have been adapted to accommodate social and safety standards in the wake of the pandemic. Participating in mental health teletherapy can bring about its own series of questions, too. [...]

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Rehab Isn’t a Failure – It’s a Step in Successfully Overcoming Addiction

January 22, 2021|Treatment|

There likely comes a juncture when dealing with substance use habits when individuals are forced to admit that they need help. For many, it’s a last resort, or a solution you arrive at reluctantly. No matter how you’ve come to consider rehab, congratulations: it’s a big deal. You’re taking the first big step toward effective management of substance use practices. How do you know when it’s time to consider rehab? Here are a few indicators that it might be time to consider the possibility of reaching out to a medical professional.  1. Substance use is a top priority  If you [...]

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4 Ways Rehab Can Make You a Better Spouse

December 31, 2020|Treatment|

The goal of any successful rehab program is to reach a successful end, to be able to deliver you back into your home life as a man or woman free of substance use habits. We understand that substance use rehab can be a difficult process. As you learn new habits, as you achieve a healthier perspective and set concrete goals to achieve, you’ll find yourself slowly distancing yourself from self-destructive behaviors. For all of its challenges, rehab can help you improve all aspects of your life. And if you have a husband or wife, rehab can have you well on [...]