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If you’ve completed detox and are eager to return home, but still need support in your recovery, a partial hospitalization program might be what you’re looking for.

What is a partial hospitalization program?

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is a day treatment program for substance addiction recovery to help individuals transition from detox back to their daily lives. PHPs typically run weekdays during normal work hours and participants return home at night, allowing time for that critical family support and a smoother adjustment to regular life.

PHPs are a less intensive alternative to an inpatient treatment program but still offer holistic support. Programming typically includes group and individual therapy, peer support, life skills training, vocational assistance and family services.

The benefits of a partial hospitalization program

Partial hospitalization programs offer a number of benefits to participants. These can include:

  • Structure

The structure is key to any mental health or substance use treatment program. A regular schedule and explicit expectations help individuals focus on healing from addiction and learn tools to prevent relapse.

As a part of treatment, the structure offers consistency and clarity, which can make prioritizing and decision-making easier. Routine can also eliminate some triggers to substance use, like boredom or living in an environment that could jeopardize sobriety.

  • Flexibility

A partial hospitalization program differs from an inpatient or residential treatment program. In a PHP, participants are allowed to return home on a nightly basis. This freedom and flexibility is a substance use treatment benefit you’ll want to take advantage of.

Because PHPs operate during the same hours as a typical work schedule, you can attend all the activities you’d be missing out on in an inpatient setting. This means you’ll be available for your child’s soccer games, date nights with the spouse and family barbecues.

  • Treatment

Group therapy and individual counseling will make up a significant portion of the daily schedule in a PHP. Certified, licensed practitioners will guide sessions with evidence-based techniques, to aid you and others in the journey towards recovery.

Other activities will be built into the schedule to reinforce treatment, like recreational time, peer groups, art therapy and more.

  • The appropriate level of treatment

Not everyone recovering from substance use is in need of 24/7 assistance. Participating in a PHP can make the transition back to regular life easier because you won’t be sacrificing activities to complete the program. A level of care assessment will also ensure that you’re getting accurate treatment. 

  • Educational and life skill building

One of the most common PHP program benefits is educational assistance and job skills training. Whether that be scheduling classes, resume workshops or interview practice, you’re sure to benefit from this aspect of addiction treatment in a partial hospitalization program.

  • Family support

Family support is a critical component of our PHP program. You’ll experience comprehensive services for family members of those going through treatment. PHPs typically provide support groups and connections to local resources that your loved ones can use whenever necessary.

  • Motivation

When you’re spending time with loved ones outside of treatment, you’ll be reminded of the reasons you’re putting in that hard work. A daily dose of time with your kids or your spouse can be a source of inspiration on the hardest days.

In addition, a strong connection to family and friends is one of the best protective factors against relapse. Quality social time can decrease stress and set you up for success each day.

  • Time at home

During a partial hospitalization program, you’ll be home in time to have dinner with your family. You can spend time with your kids or significant other and sleep in the comfort of your own bed. Because PHPs operate on the same schedule as typical work hours, you’ll have weekends free as well.

  • Affordable treatment

Addiction treatment benefits are undeniable, but some of them come at a premium. When you participate in a PHP, however, you’re not paying for costly overnight stays in medical facilities. Because you’re at home between program hours, those extra fees are eliminated.

  • Access to a psychiatrist

Sometimes, treatment requires more than therapy and social support. When a medication becomes necessary (either for substance-related reasons or co-occurring mental illness), participating in a PHP gives you quick access to other services you may need, including a psychiatrist.

Taking advantage of substance abuse treatment benefits

Time at home isn’t something you should have to compromise on when you’re recovering from substance abuse, and with a partial hospitalization program, you won’t have to. Convenient scheduling allows you to be fully present for family time so you can be motivated and inspired to sustain sobriety.

Starting a PHP is the most flexible way to secure your recovery after detox, and at Rehab After Work, you don’t have to wait to get started. Call (610)-644-6464 to get help now.

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