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Coping With Empty Nest Syndrome

October 17, 2017|Relationships|

As a parent, one of your ultimate goals is to see your children reach milestones of independence. Watching your children graduate high school or college, pursue certifications or specialties, get married, launch a career and have their own families is one of the supreme joys of parenthood. These achievements are moments of pride, but there are often feelings of sadness beneath the surface. If you feel like your child is moving on and moving away and you're struggling to cope, you may be dealing with empty nest syndrome. What is empty nest syndrome? Empty nest syndrome refers to the feelings [...]

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Coping as a Child of an Alcoholic

June 16, 2017|Relationships|

If you experienced the emotional distress of being the child of an alcoholic, you're well aware of the effects it has had on your adult life. Like all adults, our family life and upbringing have a significant impact on our later years. Learning how to cope as a child of an alcoholic continues on even after moving out and moving on with our lives. How does an alcoholic parent affect a child? Having a parent who struggles with a substance use disorder can create ripple effects through the years. First, we'll look at how an alcoholic parent affects a child [...]

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Why Self-Care for Caregivers is Important for Their Mental Health

June 13, 2017|Relationships|

Being in the role of a caregiver brings mixed emotions. You may have volunteered for the role or fallen into it. You may be caring for your own parents or have a child with special needs. You may be caring for a friend or family member. You could be caring for someone who has a terminal diagnosis like cancer, or a lifelong condition like down syndrome. Regardless of the circumstances, you face and how you ended up as the primary caregiver of someone you love, there's no doubt that the extra energy and love needed to do the job well [...]

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How to Prevent Anger and Resentment in Your Relationship

March 1, 2017|Relationships|

Time and time again, we become disappointed with our partners when they don’t meet our expectations. When this becomes a pattern over time, resentment ensues and the romance and connection with our loved one dwindles. Merriam-Webster defines resentment as “a feeling of indignant displeasure or persistent ill will at something regarded as a wrong, insult, or injury.” Resentment occurs when we think our partner will behave in a certain way, but they don’t. By learning some ways to prevent this anger and resentment from occurring, the couple’s bond and connection will remain strong. An example of this is a woman [...]