Addiction and Substance Abuse

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What Causes Alcohol Addiction?

June 25, 2021|Addiction and Substance Abuse, Treatment|

Alcohol addiction, or alcohol use disorder, is characterized as a chronic condition marked by an individual’s inability to stop drinking alcohol despite the potential or realized physical, social, occupational, mental or emotional consequences. Alcohol addiction is both a physical and mental dependency. Why is alcohol addictive? There are certain risk factors that make some more susceptible to more severe alcohol addiction, including family history, drinking at an early age, mental health conditions and a history of trauma. Its chemical makeup, however, is what causes alcohol addiction. Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant that, over time, can mold how our [...]

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Is Alcohol Addiction a Choice?

June 18, 2021|Addiction and Substance Abuse|

Alcohol addiction is a nuanced disorder that affects both the brain and body. The National Institutes of Health defines alcohol addiction as an alcohol use disorder; a chronic disease that can have serious adverse health, social, occupational and familial consequences. Alcohol addiction comes in varying levels of severity, and its treatment options likewise are varied in terms of the level of care. Like many other disorders, there are risk factors that make one more susceptible to suffering from alcohol addiction, including family history, environmental stressors, preexisting health conditions, exposure at an early age and trauma. Alcohol addiction also poses a [...]

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How Does Drug Addiction Affect Relationships?

May 28, 2021|Addiction and Substance Abuse, Supporting a Loved One|

Drug addiction often impacts more than just the person struggling with the disease - in addition, their friends, family, coworkers and partners can also feel its effects. Some days might feel hopeless, but it is entirely possible to maintain a healthy relationship with a loved one facing addiction.  What is person-first language, and what does it have to do with relationships with individuals struggling with drug addiction? In order to foster healthy relationships, we must hold love and respect for the other person in the relationship. There are a lot of pejoratives to describe those challenged by drug addiction - [...]

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Understanding the Causes of Drug Addiction

May 24, 2021|Addiction and Substance Abuse|

Just as there is no single motivating factor behind drug use, so too is there no one reason why drug usage habits can become addiction. As every individual is motivated and drawn to interests for different reasons, it follows that those who become addicted to drugs all have different stories initially leading them into addiction.  However, it’s important to understand the general causes or the common motivating factors that lead to drug addiction. Not only does this knowledge help an individual avoid these temptations, but by understanding the root of the problem (i.e. the initial cause), it will allow the [...]

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Is Drug Addiction a Choice?

May 17, 2021|Addiction and Substance Abuse|

No one ever makes the conscious decision to become addicted to anything. Through a series of events, whether it’s early exposure to drugs as a child or adolescent, prescription medication use which grows out of control, recreationally “trying it out,” or even situations of peer pressure, drugs can enter someone’s life. This possibility of drug use - entirely unwanted, but mixed with a bad set of circumstances, as well as the science behind the drug’s influence on the brain - has caused many to reconsider the concept of drug addiction and classify it no longer as a choice, but a [...]

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Substance Use Teletherapy: New Platform, Same Care

February 22, 2021|Addiction and Substance Abuse, News|

You’ve heard it countless times, but allow us to say it once more: the pandemic threw a lot of traditional ways of life out the window. Many individuals around the world are still trying to figure out what normal looks like for them, while still maintaining daily routines. And in the meantime, we’re still trying to respect social distancing procedures, quarantines and lockdowns. It’s been a tough balancing act, to say the least. Given how many individuals are currently seeking help in managing mental health concerns, teletherapy has seen a natural rise in popularity and use. With limited available [...]

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How to Convince My Teenager to Attend Rehab

November 24, 2020|Addiction and Substance Abuse, Treatment|

If your teenager, or teens in your family, are struggling with addiction, it’s understandable that you want them to get the help they need. Many teens are reluctant to attend rehab or counseling of any kind, preferring to handle their issues in isolation. As a parent or guardian, it’s one of the most difficult questions to wrestle with: “How do I convince my son or daughter to check into rehab, when they don’t want to?” It’s important to note that forcing the issue isn’t likely the best course of action. The goal is to allow your teenager to willingly pursue [...]

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How Long Will My Alcohol Rehab Last?

November 12, 2020|Addiction and Substance Abuse, Treatment|

Anyone facing addiction knows how intimidating that the situation can be. So many individuals choose to struggle in silence, refusing to reach out and receive the professional help they need. It’s always important that anyone struggling with alcohol abuse pursue help from licensed therapists. Even after struggling individuals reach out to get help, they’re still faced with a number of questions. How expensive will the therapy be? Will the effects of my treatment last? What will my friends and family members think? Will I ever be able to live the life I want to live? Alcohol rehab treatment helps to [...]

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The Dangers of Marijuana Edibles

August 11, 2020|Addiction and Substance Abuse|

Edibles are food products typically made with highly-concentrated cannabis or infused with marijuana. Edibles come in a variety of forms including baked goods, chocolates, gummies, candies or even beverages. They can be made at home or prepared by a commercial kitchen or dispensary for distribution. When edibles are made, tetrahydrocannabinol (an active ingredient in marijuana) is extracted and infused into oil or butter for cooking. Although smoking is the most popular method of using marijuana, consuming edibles is quickly increasing in popularity. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the significant dangers and health risks that are present in marijuana [...]

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How to Tell if You Have a Substance Abuse Problem During COVID-19 Isolation

April 21, 2020|Addiction and Substance Abuse|

The week of March 15, 2020 alcohol sales increased 55% over the previous year. This huge spike coincides with stay at home orders across the United States due to novel coronavirus. While this alcohol might be drunk in moderation over the next few months, increased sales could also point to alcohol abuse. Similarly, prescriptions for anti-anxiety medications spiked 34% overall by March 15. This increase was greater among women (44%) than men (22.7%). Many individuals are facing increased stressors right now, including social isolation, children and spouses at home, balancing work and home duties, and job loss or decreased income. [...]

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The Risk of Substance Abuse During the Holidays

December 16, 2019|Addiction and Substance Abuse|

Drinking plays a role in countless holiday traditions, from wine with dinner on Thanksgiving to eggnog at Christmas and champagne when toasting the new year. Although some individuals are able to drink moderately at festive functions, others engage in heavy drinking that strays into abuse. Binge Drinking and DUI Risk During the Holidays An increase in binge drinking during the holidays increases the risk for alcohol poisoning and physical dependence. Motorists are also more likely to be driving under the influence, often with tragic results. According to the National Safety Council, of nearly 300 auto accident fatalities on December 25, [...]

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The Risk of Addiction with Prescription Drugs

May 16, 2019|Addiction and Substance Abuse|

Prescription drugs are vital medicine for many people. They treat illnesses and medical conditions, and may improve quality of life. However, there could be a risk of misuse and even addiction for yourself or a loved one. Here’s what you need to know about prescription drug abuse. Are Prescription Drugs Addictive? When used as directed under a doctor’s supervision, there’s a lower risk for an addiction to prescription drugs. However, there are many drugs that pose the potential for abuse. Drug abuse, or misuse occurs whenever you use a drug in a way that was not intended by the [...]