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Published On: September 28, 2021|Categories: Recovery|

Sadly, there is no miracle cure for alcohol addiction. While there are proven treatments that can help you get sober for good, recovery from any substance takes time.

The short answer is that recovery timelines vary for everyone. Individuals committed to treatment, who have access to the right services, will see progress more quickly than someone who needs to participate in rehab several times before getting sober for good.

The stages of recovery

Detox: The first stage of overcoming alcohol addiction is the withdrawal period, best managed in a licensed detox facility where you have access to pain relief and medical expertise. Withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous if unsupervised, but this painful process brings some big improvements as well.

During detox, your body is quickly expelling toxins and readjusting to a system without substances. When the symptoms of withdrawal start to fade, you’ll experience clearer thinking, less abdominal pain, sound sleep, a healthier appetite and the beginnings of changing brain circuitry.

Inpatient or residential treatment: Inpatient treatment may be necessary for getting over alcohol addiction if a quick return to your old environment could jeopardize your progress. 

While detox brings a lot of the physical improvements you’ve been longing for, residential programs can bring mental improvements. You’ll learn to build positive thinking patterns that are based in reality instead of emotions or cravings. You’ll have tools to combat triggers and you’ll foster interpersonal skills that help you manage daily stressors without returning to alcohol.

Outpatient treatment:  Whether you begin outpatient services after detox or start them after a spell in a residential program, you’re sure to make even greater strides toward sobriety from alcohol when you make treatment a regular part of your schedule. With outpatient treatment you’ll focus on building a lifestyle that supports recovery while continuing addiction counseling, too.

Outpatient treatment can improve other areas of your life to minimize stress and reduce the likelihood of relapse. Overcoming alcohol addiction is much easier when you have sound finances, a stable career, strong relationships, good self-esteem, coping skills to counteract triggers and a sustainable self-care routine – all areas you’ll focus on in outpatient treatment.

Continuing services: The surest way to overcome an alcohol addiction is to continue treatment into sobriety. While you may feel you learned everything in the first weeks or months of treatment, the threat of relapse doesn’t disappear so quickly, so committing to services long-term is your best bet for recovery.

Initial signs of improvement

Here are some signs to look that can help define a path toward alcohol recovery:

  • Cravings are met with hesitation as you consider consequences of drinking again;
  • You start to feel better in your body and you have renewed energy;
  • You reach out for help in moments of weakness;
  • You can pinpoint triggers before the craving arise;
  • The thought of having to endure withdrawal again keeps you from drinking;
  • You start to redevelop interest in new things or old hobbies;
  • You notice illogical thought patterns make efforts to change them;
  • You make plans for your future, picturing yourself sober.

Getting over alcohol addiction is an intensely personal journey, and it’s crucial to get involved in the right treatment so you can see results. Each phase of alcohol sobriety brings its own challenges, but you’ll start to see improvements quickly when you commit to change. The path will only get smoother over time.

Rehab After Work is dedicated to helping individuals improve their quality of life without compromising family or career. With convenient scheduling, you can see results fast without giving up the things that matter most. When you’re ready to learn how to overcome alcohol addiction, reach out to Rehab After Work today or call 610-644-6464.

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