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Published On: December 23, 2020|Categories: Treatment and Therapy|

The COVID-19 pandemic changed how we as a society navigate the world, interact with others and seek medical services. While many of the mandates have disappeared, many of the changes that were made during the pandemic turned out to be favorable alternatives and have become permanent fixtures in our daily lives.

One of the adjustments we had to make that has stuck is teletherapy. Teletherapy is when mental health professionals (including counselors, therapists, social workers, psychiatrists, addiction specialists and others) deliver services virtually rather than in person. Visits that were formerly only conducted in offices can now be done from the comfort of your own home.

Teletherapy experienced a dramatic rise, and luckily the world was poised for a transition to virtual services. Mental healthcare can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection, without compromising the quality of services or privacy.

The world has reaped the benefits of teletherapy. Here are some perks you can expect when you partake, too.

Benefits of teletherapy

The patient benefits of telehealth are potentially endless, especially when you include qualitative data from people’s personal experiences in mental health recovery. Engaging in teletherapy means you’ll reap these benefits, plus the achievement of your own personal goals.

  1. The comforts of home

There’s no place like home, even for a therapy appointment. If you’ve faced anxiety leading up to therapy before, or dislike the stale environment of your practitioner’s office, there’s no need to worry about being thrown off by a new place.

You can choose where you sit, have a drink of water and snack nearby, remain in your comfortable clothes and embrace the calm and secure space you’ve created for yourself.

2. Saves time

Even those who prefer in-person therapy can’t deny the time saved by virtual therapy visits. When you attend sessions in an office, you have to carve out time to get ready, drive to the office, potentially stop for gas or a meal, find parking, walk inside and plan to arrive early in the event of traffic.

One of the best benefits of telehealth for patients is the time you save by accessing care from home. You could save yourself an hour or more and put that time towards journaling, meditating, stretching or working towards a goal in your treatment plan.

3. Online therapy is just as effective

If you’re interested in starting teletherapy, but have doubts that it could work for you, there’s promising science to back up the benefits of telehealth for patients. According to the American Psychological Association, psychotherapy (talk therapy) for outpatient settings that is delivered via a virtual platform is just as effective as in-person settings and can decrease barriers to access.

4. Maintain your privacy

Teletherapy offers you all of the benefits of in-person treatment without compromising the privacy you deserve. Encrypted technology and secure platforms are designed to comply with HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations.

5. Flexible scheduling

Scheduling with teletherapy is both easy and flexible. You can schedule your appointment with a few clicks of a mouse and set alerts to remember your sessions. Online telehealth means you don’t have to waste your day away in a waiting room and you can even participate in your appointments if you’re sick or traveling.

6. Grow in self-awareness

The journey of teletherapy is always one of self-growth. When you partake in teletherapy you not only experience the benefits mentioned above, but you can celebrate all the normal victories of therapy, too.

You’ll process past experiences, grow in self-awareness, learn how to cope with distress, identify your personal triggers, create goals for your future and take actionable steps to manage mental illness symptoms and create a meaningful life.

7. Learn important skills

In teletherapy, you’ll be able to engage in many of the therapeutic techniques you would normally partake in an office setting. You’ll be able to hone listening and communication skills, practice self-soothing activities, engage in art or music therapy and so forth.

Most importantly, you’ll learn skills that are essential to your healing. Whether progressive muscle relaxation or positive self-talk is the skill that you need, a mental healthcare provider can teach these skills virtually just as easily as in person.

Reap the benefits of teletherapy today

Teletherapy can make all the difference in your mental health recovery. Healing and freedom are just a few clicks away when you begin receiving the services you deserve to get back on track. In therapy, you’ll analyze your presenting concerns and your past history, and create individualized solutions going forward.

If your symptoms of mental distress are preventing you from living a satisfying and happy life, it’s time to get help with the Light Program. There’s no shame in reaching out for mental health services, and our compassionate and qualified staff will help you feel confident and assured as you get the care you deserve. Call the Light Program today.

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