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  • Counseling Helps Children Deal with Life as it Happens

Counseling Helps Children Deal with Life as it Happens

February 15, 2021|Teens & Children|

Sending your child to counseling can be scary. You’re entrusting not only care for your child, but your care for your child’s thoughts and feelings, to someone else. Even if that individual happens to be a licensed healthcare professional, it’s normal to feel concerned. Ultimately, adolescent counseling can yield massively positive dividends in the life of your child. Life presents us with challenges and scenarios that even the best parents cannot handle. Most parents are not licensed counselors, and if a situation is weighing especially heavily on your child, it’s likely affecting his or her parents as well. When challenging [...]

  • Helping children focus on mental health

Tips to Help Your Children Prioritize Mental Health from a Young Age

November 19, 2020|Mental Health, Teens & Children|

Children and youth have a lot on their minds. Between free time and family time, schoolwork and building new friendships, their schedules can sometimes rival ours. And as any child will tell you today, it’s not easy being a kid! They often deal with peer influence, competition and identity issues as they mature, all of which can play a role in shaping who they will become. How to prioritize your child's mental health From a young age, it’s important that we instill in children and youths an understanding of and respect for mental health. This will teach them to not [...]

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How to Talk to Your Kids about Coronavirus

April 22, 2020|Teens & Children|

With everything that is happening during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s normal for children to feel anxious. Routines have been disrupted, people are being asked to stay at home as much as possible, and a lot of people are getting sick. As a parent or caregiver, you may be unsure how to talk to kids about COVID-19 in a way that can reassure them. Here are some tips for talking to your children about coronavirus. Let Your Children’s Questions Lead the Discussion A good starting point is to ask your kids what they know about coronavirus and what questions they have. [...]

  • A bi-racial family with a father, mother, daughter and son

What You Need To Know about Psychological Testing for Your Child

February 19, 2020|Teens & Children|

As a parent or guardian, you want what’s best for your child. But sometimes it’s difficult to know how to help. If your son or daughter is struggling in school or having behavioral or emotional problems, it may be time to seek professional guidance. Psychological testing can diagnose the issue so you can get the support your child needs to thrive. What Does Psychological Testing Entail? Psychological testing is administered by a trained clinician, usually a psychologist or psychiatrist. The process involves assessing your child’s abilities and gathering information about their symptoms. This may be done in a variety of [...]

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Does My Teen Need Counseling?

November 11, 2019|Teens & Children|

Mental health counseling is a great tool for helping teens work through whatever is troubling them. However, it can be difficult to know if a teen’s behavior is normal, or if they need to see a therapist. Parents are often reluctant to reach out for professional help. They may want to wait and see if the issue resolves on its own. It’s important to learn the signs that your child needs outside help. Psychological and behavioral issues will only worsen if left unaddressed. Signs Your Child Needs Counseling Here are the signs that your child should see a counselor: Constantly [...]

  • Kids suffering cyberbullying

What Is Cyberbullying and What Are Its Effects?

September 5, 2018|Teens & Children|

As social media becomes more and more prevalent in the lives of teens and children, cyberbullying becomes more of an issue. It's estimated that 37 percent of people between the ages of 12 and 17 have been bullied online at some point. But what is cyberbullying and what are its effects? In this article, we'll answer these big questions: what is the definition of cyberbullying? What are examples of cyberbullying? What are the types of cyberbullying? How to stop cyberbullying? Here's what you need to know about this growing concern to keep your kids safe. What is the definition of [...]

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A Closer Look At ADHD vs ADD

May 4, 2018|Teens & Children|

Sometimes attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and attention deficit disorder (ADD) are used interchangeably in a modern speech to describe an individual that is easily distracted and not always known to finish tasks. And while these are elements of the two, they are far from entailing the entirety of these mental health conditions. Nor are they the same. While a diagnosis of ADD includes poor working memory, inattention and distractedness, ADHD takes these symptoms one step further with additional tendencies of hyperactivity and impulsivity. What Is ADHD? ADHD is actually an umbrella term for a neurological and psychological disorder that impacts [...]

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How to Handle Being Homesick in College

September 25, 2017|Teens & Children|

College is an exciting time of newness and change in your life, but with this change can come some overwhelming emotions, too. For many, the move to college is the first time you've lived away from your family and, if you've enrolled in college out of state, it might be the longest amount of time spent away from home. Homesickness is a reality many college students deal with, but not one that should stop you from enjoying college life. The best way to manage homesickness is through learning and implementing healthy coping mechanisms to help minimize the symptoms you might [...]

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Why is Child Suicide on the Rise?

March 5, 2017|Teens & Children|

Child suicide is a tragic topic, especially if you or someone you know has lost a young family member or friend to suicide. Discussing child deaths by suicide is a heartbreaking subject, but it's important to answer the question "why is child suicide on the rise?" In this article we'll explore the sad epidemic of child suicide. We'll look at child suicide statistics including child suicide rates by state, possible reasons why child suicide is on the rise and a few action steps you can take to fight against this serious and growing issue. Child suicide statistics Child suicide is [...]