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Marijuana is not a drug that most people would assume could be laced – we more often hear of substances like cocaine or heroin adulterated with dangerous additives, but not often marijuana. The truth, however, is that no substance is immune, and it is possible to obtain marijuana, which has been laced.

In order to prevent severe illness or even possible overdose from occurring as a result of unknowingly consuming highly potent drugs, it is important to not only understand what a laced substance is, but how to properly identify and avoid them.

What is a laced substance? 

Laced substances are highly common among the more psychoactive drugs, such as heroin and cocaine. Lacing a substance is when the drug manufacturer adds additional substances to the batch to add weight and thereby increase profit. Sometimes, they will add a product that diminishes the effects or increases the effects of the original substance. 

Oftentimes a laced drug is a highly dangerous drug – recent reports have alerted individuals to the recent practice of lacing heroin with the highly fatal fentanyl – meaning the consumer regularly experiences either significant illness or overdose when exposed to a laced substance. 

Can marijuana be laced? 

While it is not as common, marijuana can be laced. This most frequently occurs when marijuana is purchased from an illicit source, and the manufacturer most likely has used lacing as a means of bulking up the product and/or covering up the poor effects of low-quality cannabis. 

As marijuana use has become legalized medicinally in many states, the risk of obtaining laced marijuana is more reduced than the risk of obtaining laced cocaine, for example. As this legalization continues, regulations are being established that monitor this drug’s production, thereby decreasing the likelihood of contamination. 

Therefore, in order to avoid accidentally obtaining laced marijuana, it is advisable to never purchase it from a source that is not certified and licensed. 

What can marijuana be laced with and how can I tell?

In order to avoid a situation where you accidentally obtain laced marijuana and do not find out until it is too late, educating yourself on what marijuana may be laced with and how to tell if it is laced is key.

There is a large variety of substances you may find in marijuana, including: 

  • Cocaine
  • Fentanyl
  • Fungus/Bacteria
  • Glass
  • Heavy metals
  • Heroin
  • Ketamine
  • Laundry detergent
  • Lead
  • LSD
  • PCP

If you are not anticipating consuming any of these substances, but accidentally do as a result of laced marijuana, the implications on your health may be severe. Not only are some of these substances not meant for human consumption, the ones that technically can be consumed (even though they are not recommended), will do a lot of damage to those who are unaware. 

So in order to avoid a situation where you accidentally interact with laced substances, it is important to take extra precautions if you suspect laced or tapered marijuana. 

According to the American Addiction Centers

  • “Never purchase ground marijuana
  • “Never purchase marijuana from someone who will not let the substance be inspected by a potential buyer
  • “Thoroughly inspect products before purchasing them
  • “Do not purchase marijuana that appears or smells odd. For example, marijuana that smells like fuel may have added substances, such as butane or other chemicals
  • “Do not purchase marijuana that appears to have unusual substances in it or is extremely glossy
  • “Individuals who use marijuana for medicinal purposes should only purchase the product from reputable dealers
  • “Do not be afraid to discard marijuana that is suspect
  • “If possible, have the substance tested”

Taking these precautions and exercising an extreme amount of care can help you avoid a situation where you encounter marijuana laced with fentanyl or cocaine, for example, and prevent you from experiencing the unpleasant side effects and symptoms of unwanted substance consumption.

Help for substance use disorder 

If you or a loved one is struggling with a substance use disorder, seeking professional help is important to prevent the disorder from worsening. Personalized treatment plans can help you meet personalized goals and incorporate wellness back into your life. 

To speak with a counselor today, contact us at High Focus Centers by calling 610-644-6464 or contacting us online

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