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Published On: March 18, 2021|Categories: Treatment and Therapy|

Events from the past year threw a wrench into many people’s schedules and priorities. From grocery shopping to interviewing to entertainment, entire industries went virtual in an attempt to limit physical interaction.

Now more than ever, with so many sudden transitions becoming the new normal, it’s vital for individuals to receive the help they need to navigate these changes. With the increasing popularity of teletherapy, it’s easier than ever to work with a mental health specialist and receive the best methods for not only navigating this new normal, but for embracing all of the changes experienced in life. 

Teletherapy: new method, same mental health

Even though it sounds different, teletherapy is actually quite similar to a traditional in-person therapy session. However, instead of sitting in an office with your therapist, you can sit on your own couch (or wherever is most comfortable for you) for the duration of your session. While the session is carried out through a computer screen, smartphone or tablet, you’ll continue to receive the same benefits you typically do from in-person mental health treatment.

Teletherapy offers the same level of intentional care. Your therapist will listen to your story, ask questions and discuss with you your concerns and fears, your hopes, what you anticipate, what bothers you, what brings you joy, etc. in order to fully create a picture of the steps to provide you with the best care. 

Why teletherapy? 

No matter what challenges you face or the coping measures employed to handle these challenges, a therapist is not there to accuse you or make judgements. It’s important to keep this in mind when preparing for your teletherapy session. Talking with a counselor can be intimidating, vulnerable and just downright scary, but they’re there to help you, not accuse you. If you allow them to, counselors provide a safe space where you can identify and examine issues in a healthy way. 

An online therapist will walk with you as you process recent events, past traumas or future adjustments. They will help you explore the ways you traditionally cope, both good and bad, and offer new solutions where needed, or encouragement when it’s due. They will offer new perspectives to help you see past what’s troubling you. They will help you understand anxiety, depression, anger or any mental disorder, because what you understand no longer can have control over you. By using knowledge to relinquish the hold of a mental disorder, you will come to a newfound freedom in your life. 

Benefits of teletherapy 

In addition to a healthier life, online mental health counseling provides further benefits to overall wellness. First, you can enjoy your teletherapy session right from the comfort of your own home. If you live far from the counseling offices and can’t afford the time it takes to commute, teletherapy offers you the ability to receive the care you need without any required travel time. Plus, you can take part in one-on-one or group therapy sessions through teletherapy, based on the recommendations of your therapist. 

Second, teletherapy is completely secure and confidential. Teletherapy through The Light Program is done through BlueJeans, a HIPAA-compliant platform; privacy will be the least of your concerns during your online counseling session.

Additionally, whereas in-person counseling runs on the schedule openings of the office, online counseling offers the freedom of being able to schedule your sessions to fit your life. So whether you meet with your counselor between other appointments or later in the evening, teletherapy provides unparalleled flexibility. 

Your teletherapy session

In order to receive the most from online mental health counseling, it’s important to set the right environment in your home. Make sure you have a reliable internet connection, working sound and audio on your device and a quiet room free of distractions. Consider using headphones for optimal privacy.  

During your session, maintain contact with your counselor, and avoid distracting yourself through social media, email or text messaging. This will not only help the session run smoothly, it will also provide the best environment for growth, mentally and emotionally. 

Online mental health counseling that works for you 

At The Light Program, our online counselors provide solution-focused mental health care focused on you, meaning you will work with your counselor to create and adhere to personalized goals and treatment plans. Consider reaching out today to start working towards your mental health goals, or call (610) 644-6464 to learn even more about exclusive teletherapy benefits you can enjoy when you face mental health challenges through online counseling.

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