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Published On: April 3, 2017|Categories: Teens and Young Adults|

Rehab After School offers substance use disorder counseling and teen addiction treatment in Pennsylvania. If you’re a parent who is concerned about your child’s substance use, we can help. Our outpatient treatment services are provided on a schedule that works with your teenager’s school hours.

Does Your Teen Need Treatment for a Substance Use Disorder?

Parents might be unsure if their teen is behaving like most other teens or if there is a bigger issue that needs to be addressed. If your adolescent’s behavior is becoming increasingly erratic and it is disrupting family life, this could be a sign of substance use.

Rehab After School can help you, your teen and your family through this difficult time. Rehab After School offers thorough assessments and treatment services that build foundations of recovery for your teen and your family.1

Why Do You Need a Teen Program?

The differences between adult and teen addiction are distinct. Rehab After School understands that addiction treatment for adolescents needs to be separate and specific to their circumstances for maximum effectiveness. Rehab After School offers a wide range of treatment services for teens and their families that include:

  • Outpatient and intensive outpatient counseling sessions for teen substance use and dependence
  • Teen anger management
  • Depression treatment
  • Divorce support groups
  • Parent support groups

A flexible treatment schedule allows teenagers to benefit from the ability to continue living at home and attending school while commuting to attend outpatient treatment.

Rehab After School Outpatient Program

All teenagers attending our program will be asked to participate in random drug screenings. A drug screening is also given during the initial assessment. We use testing methods that provide us with detailed information on multiple substances, including the levels of each substance found in the sample.

While in treatment at Rehab After School, your teen will discover important insights about their behavior and addiction by attending individual, group and family therapy.

Individual therapy provides one-on-one time with a counselor to address underlying issues that may be driving the substance use.

Family therapy is important to help parents and teenagers openly talk about family dynamics and other challenges that may have led to unhealthy behaviors.

Group meetings include about eight members, and participants are able to share their own struggles and successes while learning from others. These insights can help shape a productive, rewarding and healthier future.

At Rehab After School, we know that when a genuine approach and evidence-based treatments are used to care for teens and families, it sets the stage for long-lasting recovery.2 Our treatment approach varies according to the needs of each teenager but is always based on individualized care that empowers, connects and builds relationships.


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