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Rehabilitation centers offer drug and alcohol education programs to teach people about the risk of addiction. Often called “DUI school” or “DUI classes,” this type of program may be court-ordered after a DUI arrest. However, these programs are about much more than fulfilling court requirements. They are designed for people struggling with excessive drug or alcohol use, and may even help catch and/or prevent addiction in its beginning stages.

At Rehab After Work, our Addictions Awareness and DUI program is similar to DUI school, but it’s not just for court-ordered treatment. Even if you have not received a DUI, you can still enroll in one of these programs to help treat and prevent an addiction from occurring in your life.

What is a DUI program?

Most DUI programs focus on helping adults experiencing the consequences of excessive drug and/or alcohol use. The participant may be seeking out the benefits of the program for their own recovery, or because their attendance was mandated by a DUI court..

Additionally, the DUI programs can provide for those with a first-time DUI and may need state-required treatment. That being said, conviction is not required in order participate, and some clients may enroll in these programs in order to proactively care for their own health and wellbeing.

Who benefits from drug or alcohol education?

Anyone who is concerned about their drug or alcohol use, or who has been mandated a DUI program from a DUI court can benefit from addictions awareness education. Participants in our program typically meet one or more of these criteria:

  • Show early warning signs of having a substance use disorder, but don’t meet the criteria to enroll in a treatment or rehab program;
  • Have been convicted of a first-time DUI;
  • Are beginning to use drugs or alcohol and are at risk of developing a substance use disorder, but are seeking help in order to avoid a full blown an addiction.

If you are using drugs or alcohol to the point where it interferes with your daily life, it may be time to enroll in an addictions awareness program.

Fulfilling DUI treatment requirements

Many states have mandatory alcohol education requirements, among other penalties for a DUI, meaning if you’re arrested for a DUI, you will be required to attend an alcohol education program. This type of program will educate you on substance abuse and addiction, as well as the consequences of driving under the influence. Successful completion of the program can often lead to reduced penalties, such as reinstatement of driving privileges.

You may be required to attend an education program by criminal court, DUI court or your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Even voluntary attendance can be beneficial, so it’s worth asking your lawyer about enrolling in a program.

What to expect from a DUI program

Education programs vary based on the treatment center, but they will typically consist of group sessions. Your fellow group members will also be facing the consequences of drug and alcohol use.

Most programs begin with an evaluation to determine whether you meet the criteria for a substance use disorder. After you finish the program, you will be awarded a certificate to demonstrate to a judge that you’ve fulfilled treatment requirements.

Programs will cover a variety of topics, from the effects of addiction to the consequences of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The most effective programs keep the groups small so that each member receives enough individualized attention.

Can education prevent addiction?

If you are concerned about your drug or alcohol use, an addictions awareness program will help you gain control. It can prevent or identify a developing addiction, especially for those who do not meet the criteria for a substance use disorder. Although many participants enroll in an education program after being arrested for DUI, these programs are recommended for anyone who is concerned about their drug or alcohol use.

If you have been arrested for a DUI and are seeking a program to fulfill treatment requirements, Rehab After Work has state-licensed facilities in Pennsylvania that offer Addictions Awareness & DUI programs. Even if you have not had a DUI, we encourage anyone concerned about their substance use to get in touch with us at 610-644-6464. Our treatment professionals will offer you a non-judgmental space to address your use in a non-confrontational appointment.

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