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Social Media Negatively Impacting Self Confidence

June 13, 2018|Mental Health|

The online world has faced a major boom in social media platforms and usage in the past decade. Children of all ages are exposed to a bright, entertaining world at the tips of their fingers, and many of them have little to no limits on screen time. Social media, when used in moderation, can have positive benefits for individuals. It can create a sense of community, offer affirmation and increase feelings of closeness with loved ones who live far away. However, personal experience and data suggest that social media can be damaging for adults, teens and children. In this article, [...]

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Coping with the Stress of Graduating

June 6, 2018|Mental Health|

Graduation time — whether you're graduating from college or high school — is full of questions like, "What's next?" "Where are you going to college?" "What are you going to study?" "Do you have a job lined up after graduation?" "Are you moving somewhere?" While these questions are all well-intentioned, you might feel an unspoken pressure to have the right answers, have a detailed plan or at least have some semblance of direction. But the truth is, sometimes you don't have everything sorted out yet, which often leads to stress. The good news is there are ways to cope with [...]

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Self Care Journal Prompts When You Don’t Know What to Write

March 9, 2018|Mental Health|

It can be overwhelming to stare at a blank piece of paper with the expectation to write something down. What should you write about? What should you say? How should you start? When it comes to journaling, it's easy to overthink, believing you have to write down the perfect thing, journal the ideal prompt or make your writing productive in some way. The truth, however, is that writing should be a relaxing, freeing experience that promotes self-awareness, increases self-esteem and simply benefits you in the way you need it to the most. The benefits of journaling are numerous, including the [...]

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How Technology Can Affect Your Sleep Health

March 1, 2018|Mental Health|

How does screen time affect sleep? Screen time in bed and in the hours leading up to your nighttime routine can have a negative effect on your ability to fall asleep and the quality of sleep you get. Here are a few reasons why having your phone in bed with you or using your laptop in the hours before you go to sleep could be harming you. Changes your circadian rhythm Our bodies are designed and accustomed to a 24-hour cycle of day and night. According to the Sleep Foundation, the natural sunlight in the morning wakes us up by [...]

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Emotional Support Animals Affect on Your Mental Health

February 5, 2018|Mental Health|

Many people have heard the saying “a dog is a man’s best friend”. Well, if you have a mental health disorder this can feel even more true. People are familiar with the use of service dogs for physical disabilities like vision impairment, hearing impairment, and epilepsy. However, dogs can be used in the treatment of mental health disorders in the form of emotional support animals. What is an Emotional Support Animal An emotional support animal is an animal that is prescribed by a licensed mental health professional to assist in treating clients with a diagnosed mental health condition. Emotional support [...]

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How to Practice Self-Compassion

January 25, 2018|Mental Health|

We're all really good at being hard on ourselves – we do one thing wrong, make one awkward comment or confuse the task assigned and suddenly we're victim to the worst self-talk imaginable. "How could you mess that up, it was so simple?" "That's the last time you can ever open your mouth in public; what an embarrassing thing to say." "Wow, you should've just asked for clearer directions — you could've avoided all this." Why is it that when we make a mistake, we treat ourselves terribly, but we're so quick to 'oh-that's-okay-accidents-happen' when anyone else messes up? Why do [...]

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Is Exercise Good for Your Mind?

January 4, 2018|Mental Health|

Have you ever completed a strenuous workout and, even though your body might be exhausted, you feel totally refreshed? Have you ever noticed that after a long day of sitting at a desk you find yourself wanting to go out for a walk? Our body naturally desires that which is good for us, whether we notice it or not – including exercise. And while we all know that exercise is good for your physical health, it is just as important to realize the undeniable benefit exercise has on mental health as well. The benefits of exercise for mental health Over [...]

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Coping with Secondary Traumatic Stress

November 7, 2017|Mental Health|

We all know that post-traumatic stress disorder can occur in individuals who have directly experienced or endured either an acute or prolonged trauma. However, not many are as equally familiar with secondary traumatic stress (sometimes familiarly termed compassion fatigue), a distressing mental disorder with symptoms similar to those of PTSD. What is secondary traumatic stress? Secondary traumatic stress (STS) is a mental health condition that can occur when an individual hears about the traumatic events experienced by another or witnesses the effect the traumatic event had on a person (the aftermath). The term was coined in the early 90s by [...]

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Dealing With Change in Life

August 29, 2017|Mental Health|

It's the nature of growing up that we have to face changes, both big and small, in our lives. Moving to a new home, shifting friend groups, the loss of family members and transitioning to college and into independence are big milestones we experience as we age. As adolescents, we may struggle with change and rely on our parents and caregivers to support us emotionally. As adults, we're often left to our own devices in learning how to handle change and figure out tools for coping with stress that comes alongside big adjustments. If you're struggling to juggle living a [...]

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What Does Low Self-Esteem Mean?

July 11, 2017|Mental Health|

All people have a unique perspective on who they are and what they have to offer. Many of our thoughts about ourselves come from the world around us, like our achievements and accolades, like a degree; our position, such as a job or a parent; or what we've been told by others. Our self-perception is also grounded in the thoughts we have about ourselves and whether the patterns of thoughts that replay in our minds are positive, neutral or negative. Our self-perception, how we think and feel about ourselves, colors our everyday life. A positive image of oneself can bestow [...]