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Growing in Confidence During & After Recovery

May 7, 2021|Treatment and Therapy|

“The speed of your success is limited only by your dedication and what you’re willing to sacrifice.” - Nathan W. Morris No one will tell you that recovering from a substance use addiction is an overnight job. And while deciding to walk the path of recovery is a lifelong commitment, it ultimately is one of complete freedom. Living substance-free offers the utmost in self-confidence, independence and productivity.  While there is plenty of advice and motivational quotes to be found on remaining dedicated to recovery, the true motivation to live free of substances can only come from within, meaning a person [...]

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How Solution-Oriented Treatment Can Help You Achieve Long-Term Recovery

April 23, 2021|Treatment and Therapy|

If all your problems were gone when you woke up tomorrow, what would your life be like? Have you started daydreaming yet? So often, our mental health treatment can feel like a long list of problems we have to painstakingly work through when what we really want to focus on are the possibilities. Not all approaches take a goal-focused angle; solution-focused treatment helps clients anticipate the future and work toward progressive solutions to issues they face. What is solution-oriented treatment? Solution-oriented treatment is a strengths-based perspective that looks to the future and emphasizes the resources a person has rather than [...]

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What Will My Teen Learn in Mental Health Treatment?

April 8, 2021|Treatment and Therapy|

Perhaps you’ve found yourself in a similar situation: your teen is about to start mental health treatment, and you’re wondering what they - and you - have signed up for. Your teen probably has several questions (even if he or she doesn’t voice them out loud), which have triggered or doubled your own questioning about mental health treatment. Wondering about therapy and other forms of treatment is completely normal. After all, most people only have a single phone call with the provider before services actually start, which mostly covers logistics like insurance and appointment times. Then what? What will my [...]

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Addressing the Most Common Objections to Teletherapy

April 1, 2021|Treatment and Therapy|

With the emerging trend of increased online accessibility for many services and businesses, counseling has also seen upgrades and adaptations for a focus on technology. As with all new things, however, especially those involving personal information conveyed via technology, there has understandably been an upswing in questions about whether or not teletherapy is safe, or even effective. While online counseling still faces myths about its delivery, counseling providers work hard to not only dispel these myths, but offer support not unlike that experienced in traditional, in-person counseling sessions. Myth #1: Online counseling is not secure As with nearly any outlet [...]

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6 Tips for Simple Medication Management

March 25, 2021|Treatment and Therapy|

If you or a loved one is facing an illness or condition and has been prescribed medication, you may be feeling overwhelmed with the task of handling medication. Multiple medications only increase your responsibility, as potential side effects become more drastic. Learning medication management is a pragmatic way to embrace treatment and move towards a more pain-free and worry-free lifestyle. What is medication management? Medication management is the practice of regularly taking prescription medications according to a doctor’s recommendations. It sounds simple, but managing medication requires organization, timeliness and support from medical professionals.  Often, medication regimes require more specific instructions [...]

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Preparing for Your First Mental Health Teletherapy Session

March 18, 2021|Treatment and Therapy|

Events from the past year threw a wrench into many people’s schedules and priorities. From grocery shopping to interviewing to entertainment, entire industries went virtual in an attempt to limit physical interaction. Now more than ever, with so many sudden transitions becoming the new normal, it’s vital for individuals to receive the help they need to navigate these changes. With the increasing popularity of teletherapy, it’s easier than ever to work with a mental health specialist and receive the best methods for not only navigating this new normal, but for embracing all of the changes experienced in life.  Teletherapy: new [...]

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Getting the Most Out of Your First Mental Health Teletherapy Session

March 11, 2021|Treatment and Therapy|

Starting mental health teletherapy is a new step that many people are taking right now for the first time, given the pandemic’s effects on traditional, in-person counseling. Although you might feel alone in beginning teletherapy while you’re socially distanced at home, know that you’re not the only one starting online counseling. That’s why we’ve taken the time to outline exactly how to prepare for your first mental health online counseling session. What to know about online mental health counseling beforehand Mental health teletherapy might feel totally new, but once you are familiar with the virtual medium of online sessions it’ll [...]

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4 Practical Steps to Make Your Studying More Effective

March 11, 2021|Treatment and Therapy|

We’ve all been offered vague advice about how to build good academic study habits, suggestions like “motivate yourself” and “don’t procrastinate.” Sure, these are ideals that we all want to incorporate into our studying, but what are the practical steps to get there? This article will outline 5 concrete tools you can start using today to make your study habits more effective. These tricks will help you focus, retain information and accomplish more in your study time. 1. Get a healthy amount of sleep This is some advice that you’ll be happy to follow. According to Healthline, there are numerous [...]

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Gaining Perspective: Reframing Negative Thinking Patterns

February 22, 2021|Treatment and Therapy|

We all want to think more positively, maintain healthy self-perception and reap the social and emotional benefits of a happy mindset. There are so many resources at our disposal to achieve a happier, healthier mindset, and a general movement for a culture of positive mindfulness. Why, then, is it so difficult? Too often, positive thinking becomes a mantra, as if it was as easy as saying “good vibes only” and boom - we’re healed. Positive thinking is not a switch you can flip and suddenly your thoughts follow suit. Rather, positive thinking is a cognitive pattern that takes months or [...]

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4 Unexpected Benefits to Mental Health Teletherapy

February 19, 2021|Treatment and Therapy|

You likely already have high expectations for the quality of the mental health services provided via teletherapy. However, you might be surprised to discover just how wide the actual scope of benefits is. Aside from the high-caliber services you will receive, on par with counseling services offered professional clinics with licensed counselors, there are other perks that may have not crossed your mind. If you’re not already signed up for online counseling, you will be after familiarizing yourself with these 4 unexpected benefits to mental health teletherapy that you probably haven’t yet considered. 1. Increased accessibility Historically, there have been [...]

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6 Things You Can Expect from Teletherapy

February 17, 2021|Treatment and Therapy|

New to teletherapy? You’re not alone. People are flocking to this new method of mental health counseling for a myriad of reasons. Be it convenience, safety or comfort, teletherapy is the therapy of the future (and the present), especially as individuals look to deal with the social distancing protocols enforced as a result of the ongoing pandemic. Here are 6 things you can expect if you’re jumping onboard the teletherapy train. 1. Conversation Almost all modern therapy for adults revolves around open, honest conversation. The bulk of your sessions will include an exchange between you and your therapist, one that [...]

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A Level of Care Assessment: Everything You Need to Know

February 3, 2021|Treatment and Therapy|

A level of care assessment, often abbreviated LOCA, is an introduction to a mental health practice where you’ll share about your struggles, so that your healthcare provider will know how to best meet your needs. The assessment is the best way for an organization to know where you’re at and how to help you. During the assessment, you’ll learn a little bit about the organization as they learn about you and the program that best matches your needs. Based on the assessment, an individualized treatment plan will be created that will most effectively help you on your way to a [...]